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TSG M15 CF, Season 3 End of the Year Review

Falcons (Don) – Being known as the richest man in the TSG family coach Don Figures really hasn’t showing anything else in m15 except that he knows how to make money. After trading away franchise QB Matt Ryan. The present and future looks bleak for Altanta Falcons and with coach Don at the helm will the lowly Falcons ever become a factor? Odds are….NO!


Rams (Blky) – Coach Blky a man of very few words. Except from his rants every now and then in media sessions.  Coach Blky hasnt really shown any signs of becoming a force in an ultra competitive NFC West but with a possible number one pick on the horizon Coach blky is going to need more than talent hes going to need dedication if he ever wants to become a household name in TSG.


Colts (GBBACK) – The Colts have become the coaching the carousel of TSG with 3 different coaches in 3 seasons and a 4th now prior to the draft. The Colts lands at the bottom of our list, with a boat load of talent in Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton will anyone ever bring the colts back to there glory days?


Bears (Sskills40) –  Hard work and dedication are the words heard echoed through the bears training faculties still no wins have come on the field. After a season one fire sale the bears are continuing to retool and rebuild an offense and defense that ranked last in the league. The 3-13 bears are looking to change it fortune this coming up year but with a new coach can they reach new heights or will we see the bears in the bottom half of the league for the next few seasons. Continue reading TSG M15 CF, Season 3 End of the Year Review

TSG Pressbox: Episode 2

In this episode the boys over at TSG Pressbox analyze the league and give out the numbers 32-16 in the TSG Madden 15 CF Season 1 Power Rankings. These rankings were not voted on by them, but rather voted on by the voting committee. They are just the messengers, so don’t shoot them for your rank, just maybe their comments! Enjoy & tune in next week for the 2nd half of the TSG Madden 15 CF Season 1 Power Rankings, including some extra special guests.