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When EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL 17 launches on August 23, 2016 its soundtrack will include 40 tracks from a number of well-known and up-and-coming artists. Music from 2 Chainz, Flume, Steve Aoki and Logic highlight this mix of songs that will appeal to fans of the sport.

Take a listen to our EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL 17 soundtrack and be sure to follow the EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL Spotify account.

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Here’s a look behind the scenes as it relates to how we went about creating the new gear and clothing.  Technology has improved to the point we can 3D scan our objects and get them in game in a truly authentic fashion.  3D scanning has allowed for an undisputable shape in our updated player gear and given us ability to capture the natural flow of clothing wrinkles and body shape with ease.



In today’s NFL, there’s a wide range of gear seen on the field, both for players and coaches. Getting that gear into the game for our fans to see and use is something we’re excited about bringing to Madden NFL 17. Player and coach gear has been refreshed to further the immersion into the most complete Madden ever. Not only did we add all new licensed gear from NFL-approved equipment providers, but we also updated a lot of existing gear – both using our latest equipment scanning technology. As the pros say ‘Look good, feel good, play good’.


New Helmets:



I once asked a friend if he was looking forward to the next Madden NFL, as he is a huge Raiders fan. He told me he can’t play Madden due to vision problems; he couldn’t see anything that moved quickly and was small – like the pass icons. I decided that if I ever had the chance, I would try to improve the game so a wider audience could play Madden.

A couple years ago, Tiburon had an internal game jam to brainstorm new ideas. I took my accessibility research and put together a concept list. Madden NFL Game Accessibility won as the best new feature set.

Here’s what made it into Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Optional Settings

All accessibility settings in Madden NFL 17 are available on the “Visual Feedback” screen, via the “Settings” menu. These new options are all at the bottom of the list; you’ll go directly to them if you hit “up” once. All settings are optional, and your online opponent will not see whatever settings you have chosen.



In order to add a deeper level of immersion on the field for Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation®4- we took a new approach to sound design in-game. In order to achieve this, we turned to Foley – a technique in which every day sound effects are added to the game to enhance the audio quality. The technique is named after Jack Foley, who established the basic modern techniques still used today.

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Madden NFL 13 Playbook 1 & 2 Videos: Highlighting Presentation & Gameplay Improvements

Following up on last week’s release of the first gameplay details and presentation enhancements EA Sports has rolled out additional videos today that delve further into those areas for Madden NFL 13. Mark Schlereth hosts the videos – which are obviously much more concise than the initial 90 minute presentation but more valuable than the first trailer – featuring a number of development team members. They do a good job of communicating why the improvements are valuable while also providing some brand new replay footage in the process.

Some of the topics discussed include work on the graphics, the new presentation package and commentary team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, the introduction of the Nike uniforms, additional pass trajectories and different types of passes, the work done with play action, read-and-react defensive AI, and the disguising of defensive coverages and proper coverage assignments. Continue on to check out the two videos – one presentation based and the other focusing on gameplay – and leave any thoughts in the comments! 


Madden 13 Presentation (Operation Sports)

The Madden NFL 13 presentation team had some lofty goals this year. World Class presentation was No. 1 on their list. Everything that has been done in the past has been taken to the next level, as the new broadcast team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms comes to life, making it look and sound as realistic as possible. The new Connected Careers mode (details coming June 4) wouldn’t be complete without them, keeping the presentation realistic.

With the new broadcast package, a fresh new user interface has been incorporated. The new main menu UI features tiles of live dynamic content, pertinent to your experiences. As each tile is highlighted they will change color and animate. The system has a very modern look, similar to a few things you may have seen on Xbox Live and iOS devices. The Play Now tile will suggest a division rival, after selecting your favorite team. Team select screens will now show team logos, instead of players from their respective teams.

In-game presentation has been beefed up with a new HUD, showing off the starting lineup, updated player stat banners and more.

Motion blur is seen in gameplay, as well as in replay mode. For example, when a player is being flipped, motion blur will show the core of that player as stationary, while the arms, feet and other extremities are spun, giving the user a spinning blur effect. In game graphics have been upgraded to show off the depth of field, unbelievable HDR lighting, shadows, reflections and more. Lighting from players that go from the shadows to the sun, will be dynamic. On-field art has been updated with sharper images. Continue reading Madden 13 Presentation (Operation Sports)

Madden NFL 13 Community Presentation Blog, By Game Changer Casey Mosier

Hey Madden NFL fans, this is Casey “BuckeyeNation” Mosier, Community Leader and Lead Content Producer for Dynasty league Gaming and DLGtv.  I am also a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changer program and an attendee at the Madden NFL community events at Tiburon studio this season.  As a representative for many of you in the Madden NFL community the team at EA SPORTS Tiburon studios has asked me to let you in on some of the new presentation features you will see in EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13.  In the past, I have always gotten the chills of excitement when putting the Madden NFL disc into my console for the first time each season, this year those goose-bumps are going to another level.  From the time you first boot up the game, whether it’s the hard disc or download via EA SPORTS Season Ticket, you will see all new presentation features from start to finish.

Over the course of the last several editions of the Madden NFL Series, the need for improved commentary and a more authentic in game presentation package has become apparent to us all.  The folks at EA Tiburon have brought in a more organic commentary system that can be expanded and built upon each year.  In Madden NFL 13 you will hear an all new audio system built from the ground up.  It all starts as you visually go in the booth for pre-game with Phil Simms and Jim Nantz as they get you ready for the upcoming battle, then call the games just like we hear each and every Sunday during the NFL season.  The team has also ramped up the realistic presentation in terms of the visual packaging in game.  Last year they added authentic camera angles for each stadium as well as team entrances.  This year the graphic and stat overlays are precisely what you see when watching a real live NFL broadcast adding another layer of authenticity.  New camera angles have been added to enhance the overall user experience as well. Continue reading Madden NFL 13 Community Presentation Blog, By Game Changer Casey Mosier