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Many Leaning Towards Waiting for Next-Gen Versions of Games Releasing Twice

Last week polls were posted to gather some data on how consumers who plan to get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 at launch may be approaching the franchises releasing on 360/PS3 first and later One/PS4. Lets take a look at the results and what they may be suggesting with about three months until next-gen’s arrival. 

Madden NFL 25

Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 31%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 25%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 25%


Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 34%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 16%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 11%

NBA 2K14

Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 47%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 15%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 11% Continue reading Many Leaning Towards Waiting for Next-Gen Versions of Games Releasing Twice

Widespread Freeze Issues with NBA 2K12 Being Encountered on PS3


Many consumers are currently dealing with a situation on the PS3 that has made them unable to even reach the main menu for NBA 2K12. The game is freezing upon start-up when it makes the attempt at “loading settings”. This has been reported by a growing number of people with it exploding on forums and through social media in the last two days.

Given how many are being affected by this severe issue 2K Sports has responded with a “workaround” (suggesting the deletion of the “Game Data Utility” file) but based on responses it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for everyone. Those that have been able to make it back into the game after doing so have found items like shoes and other content to be lost – while some others are still unable to load up the game at all even after deleting the files in question. 2K has stated that a “permanent solution is being looked into”.

NBA 2k12 Legends Showcase DLC Available Next Week, Complete Roster Reveal Inside

2K Sports has announced the ‘Legends Showcase’ downloadable content will release on Tuesday November 29th for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The DLC will go for $10 and features a cel-shaded art style with various “blacktop” modes and HORSE. It also will unlock the ability to edit historic team rosters offline as well as provide the opportunity to use the historic teams in online match-ups against others who have purchased the DLC.

As documented over the build-up from its early discovery to the announcement and now its release the DLC is being delivered under just about the worst possible circumstances. Beyond even the league lockout severely damaging interest in the product is that the content of the DLC has been received poorly, which began with the pricing and first screenshots that displayed the art style, and recently amplified with the gameplay videos that prompted stunningly widespread negative response. Still, its a significant offering considering the work that went into it, and one that could be justified in value for some consumers.

The full roster includes those new legends added specifically for the ‘Legends Showcase’ along with the other legends or current day stars (that may appear in their prime rather than based on last season) that will be available to use in the new modes.  Check out the full roster below: Continue reading NBA 2k12 Legends Showcase DLC Available Next Week, Complete Roster Reveal Inside

PS3 Getting Battlefield 3 DLC One Week Early, But No Battlefield 1943 As Promised

PS3 users are getting Back to Karkand one week before their gamer counterparts, but they were also promised the wildly successful DICE game as well: BF1943. EA announced that PS3 gamers will receive one week early access to DLC, but without BF1943. PS3 players won’t get BF1943, but instead the get one week of exclusivity to the latest BF3 DLC, sounds like a fair trade off. Here’s what the official Battlefield Twitter said to a community member asking about the PS3/BF1943 situation:


Madden 12: Roster Update #3

EA Sports has released full details on what to expect in the post-week one roster update for Madden NFL 12. There are over 500 moves made in this update including ratings changes, roster adjustments, injuries, and jersey number fixes. The update is expected out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on Friday morning.

The Chiefs and Panthers have lost impact players on their respective defenses for the season as Eric Berry and Jon Beason hit the IR. The biggest ratings boost goes to Bills’ TE Scott Chandler who moves up 10 points from his original 63 rating after his breakout performance. Cam Newton gets one of the more significant raises as mentioned earlier this week as he goes from 77 to 81. Patriots rookie lineman Nate Solder gets even more credit going from 77 to 82. After a dismal 39 yard performance Donovan McNabb drops from 82 to 79. Aaron Rodgers returns to the pinnacle reclaiming the 99 rating he reached at the closure of last season – and he takes the place of Troy Polamalu who has lost his 99 rating after a rough first week.

Teams that had the biggest net gain in number of players receiving increases over decreases are topped by the Packers (+11), Ravens (+8), Cowboys (+8) Redskins (+7), Patriots (+6), Bears (+6), and Bills (+6). The biggest losers are the Steelers (-6), Chiefs (-4), Colts (-2), and Vikings (-2). Continue on for all the specifics: Continue reading Madden 12: Roster Update #3

12 Days Of Madden Giveaway

EA Sports has announced their 12 Days of Madden Promotion, to where you can win cool Madden 12 & NFL swag via EA SPORTS Madden NFL Facebook page, read below to find out the details.

We’re counting down to the August 30th launch of Madden NFL 12 with the “12 Days of Madden” giveaway which kicks off tomorrow. You’re going to have a chance to win every item shown including: copies of Madden NFL 12, autographed Marshall Faulk jerseys, an autographed Peyton Hillis helmet, and limited edition Madden NFL 12 swag just for being an active member of the EA SPORTS Madden NFL Facebook page. Check back tomorrow to see what we’re giving away first and to find out how you can enter!

12 Days Of Madden, Win A Limited Edition Madden NFL 12 VIP Kit

EA has begun it’s Madden 12 Promotion the “12 Days of Madden” where you can win a multitude of prizes starting out with a Limited Edition Madden 12 VIP Kit. In order to enter the contest visit the EA Sports Madden NFL Facebook Page, here is some of the contest details.

Let’s kick off the “12 Days of Madden” in style… You’ve seen celebrities and athletes showing off their Limited Edition (50 total) Madden NFL 12 VIP Kits and now we’re going to give YOU a chance to WIN ONE…

All you have to do to enter is LIKE this post and COMMENT with your greatest Madden story/moment. It could be beating a good friend on a last play or winning a local tournament. Or maybe, it’s your first experience with the Madden NFL franchise. Whatever that SPECIAL moment is for you!

The VIP kit includes an early copy of Madden NFL 12 , a pair of Monster headphones, a custom New Era snap back hat that reads “I AM THE MADDEN CURSE” on the front, and a customized PS3 that resembles a steel plate with bolts and the text, “IT’S TIME” engraved on the console.

You’ll have until Thursday, August 25th at 12pm ET to enter!

EA Sports Add A New Studio In Austin


EA Sports is expanding. The money-printing division of top video game publisher Electronic Arts, the one behind popular annually releasing franchises like Madden and Tiger Woods, revealed at a press conference last week that it is opening up a new studio in Austin, Tex. that will bring 300 new jobs into the company. State governor Rick Perry appeared with publisher executives at BioWare’s Austin office to announce the news. Continue reading EA Sports Add A New Studio In Austin