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TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC WEST


Who do you think will win this division? It is filled with 2 Super Bowl Winners, a tough out & an “easy win”. Twon is used to an uphill battle but this 2 time SB Champ is up for the challenge with the Cardinals as he is one of the best GM’s in TSG. Korn is always a tough win and occassionaly goes to the playoff but in a tough division and an even tougher NFC it may be hard for him to see the postseason. Chubbzz0727 is probably the cream of the crop in this division with one of the best teams on the game as well, so this could easily be his division yearly. Lastly Pogi is a wild card, he hasn’t been around for a little bit but is often considered as an “easy win”.

Madden 12 Gameplay: St Louis Rams (So BOLD oS) @ Green Bay Packers (Jesmonkey69)

Gameplay footage of a full TSG Online Community game between the St Louis Rams @ the Green Bay Packers in Madden NFL 12, there is finally audio and some better video quality, with me still testing out settings on my Roxio Game Capture Card, trying to get it just right (which these videos are closer to it) before the TSG Madden 12 OF begins. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the last 2 videos that go with it before I got to upload them to YouTube, but the result was a GB win. Check out the video below:

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