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John Cena Wins 2013 Royal Rumble, The Rock Returns To Capture WWE Title, Wrestlemania 29 Rematch Here We Come

Cena vs The Rock, Rematch at Wrestlemania 29?
Cena vs The Rock, Rematch at Wrestlemania 29?


When then Raw General Manager AJ Lee announced last year that The Rock would face the WWE Champion at the 2013 Royal Rumble, we all knew he would likely regain the WWE Title for the 1st time in 10 years to help boost ratings going into Wrestlemania Season. When the face of the WWE John Cena went into the Rumble not the WWE Champion, it set up the inevitable Cena winning the Rumble, The Rock winning the title & a rematch of Wrestlemania 28 would occur at Wrestlemania 29 this time for the biggest prize in the game. The writing was on the wall, despite CM Punk being Champion for well over a year (400+ days) lately he had been booked as weak. First beating Ryback at Hell in a Cell, thanks to a low bow from a rogue referee, then again at Survivor Series due to The Shield interfering, the same group later attacked The Rock (including during the Rumble title match) & finally not competing at the TLC PPV due to a legitimate injury. All this making it seem as if Punk couldn’t win without help over the past few months or as being afraid, when during most of his title reign he stormed through the competition. Now it seems all but destined for Punk to fight The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 (unless by some miracle Stone Cold comes back) & most likely losing to Taker to keep the streak alive.

John Cena not only beat his new nemesis Dolph Ziggler, but also a returning Chris Jericho & what seemed to be at one time a destined future Champion in Ryback. The Rock beat the odds as well, with The Shield yet again interfering & originally losing, only to have Vince McMahon restart the match. All this after what looked like to be a botched spot with a table falling apart, landing awkwardly to hurt his knee, before he was to Rock Bottom CM Punk. Isn’t this what wrestling is about, beating the odds to only seem super human & win in the end. Thus once again this year we will likely see the headline match The Rock vs Cena, this time for the WWE Title, this time with probably a different result, due to The Rock having multiple movies releasing this year thus won’t be able to appear at shows at the rate of a normal champion. Do you think we are destined for a rematch? Or is there a swerve ahead (maybe Brock Lesnar)? If there is this rematch, who will win The Rock or John Cena? My gut tells me Mr. Fruity Pebbles John Cena will triumph of Hollywood Dwayne, I mean The Rock. Welcome to Wrestlemania Season


WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2013



The opening hype video for The Royal Rumble is shown as the show comes on the air. The WWE Championship match is the main focus of the hype video.  The opening pyro lights up the arena as Michael Cole welcomes us to the Royal Rumble. He is joined on commentary by JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler.  Lillian Garcia is in the ring and announces that the World Title Match will kick off the show.

The Big Show makes is way down to the ring as they recap again how Alberto del Rio became the World Champion.  Alberto del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are backstage and interrupted by Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Bret calls Alberto the “Mexican Bret Hart.” Bret gives Ricardo a pair of Hitman glasses.  Ricardo comes out and mimics Bret Hart for a second before introducing Alberto del Rio who comes down the aisle instead of in a car.  Alberto del Rio gives a little kid in the crowd his scarf as he walks down the ramp way and gets into the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Last Man Standing Match
Alberto del Rio (c) vs The Big Show

The Big Show rams Alberto into the corner and hits him with his frying pan hand. Show then drags Del Rio to another corner and does it again. Alberto comes off the middle rope but gets hit with a punch to the midsection. As The Big Show was setting up for the Spear, Alberto goes low and cuts show off at the legs as the crowd chants, “Si”. The Big Show goes for a powerbomb but Alberto reverses into a hurricanrana. Alberto goes up top and hits a seated senton. Del Rio hits his corner enziguri and goes for his armbreaker. The Big Show simply lifts Del Rio up and slams him to the mat. They are on the outside and The Big Show slaps Alberto’s chest. The Big Show grabs a steel chair and brings it into the ring. As Show was about to hit Del Rio, he is stopped and Del Rio has the chair. He beats the Giant to the ground as the ref counts. Show has Del Rio by the throat and hits a chokeslam and the ref counts. Alberto is able to get to his feet.

On the outside once again, Show bodyslams Del Rio on the concrete. Del Rio hits Show in the balls and then kicks show in the skull. The ref begins to count but The Big Show gets up. Show and Del Rio are at the beginning of the entrance area. Show throws Del Rio into a piece of the structure. Show hits Del Rio was a light bulb that fellow off the structure and sets up a table. The Big Show climbs up the entrance structure and drags Del Rio up with him. Show chokeslams Del Rio through the table. Del Rio gets to his feet as Del Rio crawls back to the ring. Show kicks Del Rio in the gut and Del Rio rolls back into the ring. Show signals for the WMD but Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Show grabs the steel steps and launches them at Del Rio’s head. Del Rio moves out of the way and Ricardo begins to hit Show. Show is speared through the time keepers area by Del Rio but The Big Show goes up. Continue reading WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2013