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TSG Madden 12 OF: Season 2 Super Bowl Champ Crowned (Cincy life, Cincinnati Bengals), AJ Green Named SB MVP

Better late than never congrats to Cincy life & his Cincinnati Bengals on winning Super Bowl II in TSG Madden 12 OF, with AJ Green named SB MVP. As SB winner Cincy wins the prize of a LumiSource Stingray Boom Gaming Chair & 1600 MS Points. Details of the prize can be found at those links, without further ado we raise the Super Bowl Banner in Cincinnati:

TSG Madden 12 OF, New England Crowned Super Bowl Champion, McCourty MVP

Congratulations to Chuunin Ninja & The New England Patriots for winning Super Bowl I of the Madden 12 OF, this is Ninja’s 5th Super Bowl Win in our 16 Seasons of being together and has established himself as the standard that we all try to achieve. For his prize he won a REPLICA NFL HELMET by Riddell & 1600 MS Points, all prizes can be seen here. The Super Bowl MVP was CB Devin McCourty.