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Country Clubs Are Finding an Audience with Tiger Woods PGA Tour Players

Article From Operation Sports & Writer Glenn Wigmore
One of the more inventive aspects in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13is the country club mode, which allows users to team up for cooperative and competitive challenges, participate in tournaments, raise club status and add members in a meaningful way.

It’s a pretty clever feature in a lot of ways, and it’s something I didn’t credit the game enough for when I reviewed it. However, what’s struck me about country clubs is that they actually solve a lot of common problems with team modes in other sports games. Grouping up in hockey or soccer often results in lots of fun, but it doesn’t always seems to justify some of the core conceits of team play:

Why should I be online all the time?
Why do we really need so many people on our team?
What if I’m not very good at the game?

The country clubs mitigate these questions by nesting the reasons right into the design. Users of all skill levels are actually encouraged to participate, thanks to a club progression system that values your time and commitment just as it does your skill. Since a club gains status by ranking up its overall level, it’s important that everybody plays games. The smart thing is that users just have to participate; they don’t necessarily have to win. Loyalty bonuses are doled out for playing on consecutive days, and coins are given out to all users, no matter how much or how little they play. Continue reading Country Clubs Are Finding an Audience with Tiger Woods PGA Tour Players