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NBA 2k15 Player Ratings So Far

The overall ratings calculation has changed with NBA 2K15 and only four players will be rated 90+. The floor seems to have risen, and the ceiling lowered somewhat, compressing more players in the middle. As always individual attribute categories and signature skills – and how those translate to performance – is more important than the overall.

2K Sports has started to release the player ratings and in an unorthodox manner having done so by starting with the lowest in the league. Typically companies have avoided spotlighting the bottom of the rosters so as not to embarrass those individuals. In addition a few ratings have come out through Twitter or images captured from the game’s convention appearances. Continue reading NBA 2k15 Player Ratings So Far


EA: “It Could Take a ‘Few Years’ to Compete with NBA 2K Again”

New EA Sports President: Peter Moore

EA Sports last year infamously rebranded NBA Live as NBA Elite, only to cancel the whole game at the last minute. This left competitor NBA 2K as the sole simulation basketball game on the market, and it’s one that many fans would argue has been superior regardless. IndustryGamers recently chatted with EA’s Peter Moore (formerly EA Sports label president) about the challenge ahead in basketball.

It’s clear that EA Sports has no plans to give up just because they’ve taken some lumps on the court. 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series has been on a roll, but this year’s version could be hurt by the ongoing NBA lockout (perhaps as much as $40 million), so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that EA doesn’t have an NBA simulation product this year. That said, Moore confirmed that the team at Tiburon already has an early version of the next NBA title up and running.

“We took a year off so that we can focus on building the quality that it needs to be. I know better than anybody, having helped build NBA 2K in my early days, the power of what Greg Thomas and Visual Concepts do. It’s their focus because, as you know, they’ve given up on NHL recently. NBA is the game that they need to focus on… when I think about 2K sports, it’s probably 80% of their portfolio from a unit basis and a revenue basis. It’s a great game, but we’re not walking off the court crying here,” Moore stressed to us. Continue reading EA: “It Could Take a ‘Few Years’ to Compete with NBA 2K Again”