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How Wide Receivers are Rated in Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 ratings reveals are now underway. Check out the Science of Quarterback Ratings blog, as well as the complete reveal of offensive ratings.

Whether it’s Calvin Johnson out-leaping two defenders in the end zone or Rob Gronkowski making a diving catch over the middle, wide receivers and tight ends provide big plays for offenses.

In Madden NFL 25, the receiving targets are almost as valuable as a good QB. And just like in the real NFL, tight ends are critical assets to the passing game. Madden NFL 25’s top six passing targets include three tight ends and three of the NFL’s most prolific receivers: Calvin Johnson, Rob Gronkowski, Andre Johnson, Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham and Brandon Marshall. Let’s break down a few of their ratings to explore what makes these playmakers so special. Continue reading How Wide Receivers are Rated in Madden NFL 25