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Top Rated WRs & Linebackers in Madden NFL 12

All this week, ESPN’s Gamer Blog and SportsNation are teaming up to bring you the Top 5 rated players at key positions in “Madden NFL 12.” And while the list of Top 5 quarterbacks will spark some serious debate from Michael Vick and Big Ben from fans who feel their favorite players have been wrongly left off the list, I’m sure Bears fans will be just as passionate when asking why Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs fell just short of making the “Madden” cut in the Top 5 Linebackers (especially when there are six players on the list due to a tie for fifth place). Do they have a case? Let the debates begin.

When I think about the most dominant wide receivers in the history of “Madden,” one name instantly comes to mind: Rand Moss. Even last year, EA Sports boosted Moss’ spectacular catch rating to a perfect 100 after “The Freak’s” one-handed grab over Darrelle Revis stole headlines (and highlight reels) across the country.

But with Moss retiring, this really is an end to one of the greatest careers in video game sports. That’s because wherever Mr. Jet Pack went, “Madden” gamers followed, as he made any virtual team an instant contender with his speed, jumping ability, and Spider-Man-like sticky hands.

So who will step up now that “The Freak” is out? Continue reading Top Rated WRs & Linebackers in Madden NFL 12