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TSG Madden 25, Season 2: Podcast 1

Here is a quick podcast on the state of TSG, what is going on around the league & just a test of my new cam for future podcasts. Be sure to check it out, feel free to comment & make fun! You can also see previous podcasts here.

NBA 2k14 Preview (Xbox 360)

The most noticeable change to this year’s game and probably a real game changer is the new blocking system. Not only do you get to see awesome block animations, the feel and reward of playing defense is much higher than last year. On one possession, I played great defense against Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs until the end of the shot clock, at which point I blocked his shot because he couldn’t get a good one off. You really feel the presence of good shot blockers around the rim this year. Great addition.

Defense on the whole felt a lot stronger as offensive players tend to lose the ball when going into traffic and a lot of contact animations are triggered around the rim. Defense movement seemed improved as well – all in all I really liked playing defense, it was a lot more fun than in last year’s games.

On offense there are some great improvements as well. Passing animations and speed are noticeably improved plus the addition of the stick as a passing trigger felt great too. Shooting is a lot more responsive as well – unfortunately there are still those very quick release points where you don’t have the opportunity to really hang in the air while shooting. Shot releases did feel disconnected again for me which was very disappointing to see.

Another thing I didn’t see a lot of improvements in was the floor spacing. You can tell that they were trying to address the issue (which has plagued the series for years) and the faster passes and jump shots did help a bit – but the main problem with help defense being too one-dimensional and defensive recovery being too quick still exists. Also the teammate AI doesn’t space the floor well enough when penetrating. On one occasion I had Parker of the spurs on Chris Bosh in the post & paint and no Spurs player came to help.

Hope they can fix this issue in the next gen versions. The new Pro Stick needs a little getting used to at first. I had some instances where I wanted to dribble but went up for the shot. Overall I liked this setting more than holding down LT for a shot or drive. There are a couple of nice new dribbling animations as well. There were other positive aspects as well. Biting on pump fakes can cause very realistic looking animations where players fall over each other. Contact animations in the paint seemed more varied but you can´t really tell how good or varied they are from playing only a couple of games. I did see some familiar contact drive animations from 2K13 a little too much. I saw a one handed dunk by Lennard on Haslem which looked almost exactly like the one in he NBA finals against Miller. I had the feeling that dunks were a little bit more explosive as well.  Playing the Euroleague teams feels a little different as a result of different defensive schemes.

Overall I liked the improvements a lot after playing for a while but was disappointed to see some issues I had with the last couple of games still existed (jump shots & spacing). This is the year of the first next gen version of NBA 2K so I can understand that the wheel won´t be reinvented with the last big current gen effort. NBA 2K14 will may very well be the best version of NBA 2K to date – just don´t expect a  very different game.

Gamestop Offering Big Deal To Upgrade Games From Xbox 360 To Xbox One

Gamestop announced yesterday an exclusive trade-in program for select games that will release first on the Xbox 360 and later on the Xbox One. Consumers will receive a $50 credit when bringing in a current generation title to put towards its next-gen counterpart. 

Instead of $120 buying separately that makes it just $70 to play from day one on the 360 and continue to through the rest of the year with the One. The current-gen version could practically be considered a $10 rental that could stretch anywhere from a few weeks to over two months depending on the finalized console release dates and the game in question.

The deal applies to Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14 along with Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Notably absent from the promotion is NBA 2K14.

Both games must be bought from Gamestop in-store (taking in a current-gen copy purchased elsewhere won’t work), requires membership in the free PowerUp program, and the purchases have to be made within a month of their release for the first and then by the end of December for the second. Timing wise that works well whether the new console is acquired on launch day or as Christmas gift. One thing the terms of the deal does not specify is whether there is a limit of one coupon or if the $50 will be granted for each game no matter how many are purchased.

Deals such as this one could help push more to buy the current generation version instead of just waiting for next-gen which the results of the recent polls showed a strong percentage of people were planning to do. There will likely be more coming from Gamestop and other retailers with the PS3/PS4 involved and possibly something direct from EA Sports. The company has stated they’ll be announcing additional plans for making the console transition a more manageable experience later this month at Gamescom.

NHL 12 Online Team Play (OTP) Gameplay: My 1st Time Playing Goalie

Some NHL 12 Online Team Play gameplay of my 1st time playing goalie, with TSG members JERSEY REBEL & Jesmonkey69(me) broken into 2 videos. We just play in the EA Online Team Play lobby & jump into ranked games. WARNING!!! This really is my 1st time attempting to play the GOALIE, I started out pretty good but then…. IT GOT BAD & I REALIZED AT GOALIE I SUCK BAD!!! Please Subscribe for email updates of blog posts, subscribe to our YouTube channel http://youtube.com/jesmonkey69 & follow us on Twitter for your sports & gaming news @thesimgamer. Check out both the gameplay videos below and feel free to comment:

Continue reading NHL 12 Online Team Play (OTP) Gameplay: My 1st Time Playing Goalie

NBA 2k12 Legends Showcase DLC Available Next Week, Complete Roster Reveal Inside

2K Sports has announced the ‘Legends Showcase’ downloadable content will release on Tuesday November 29th for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The DLC will go for $10 and features a cel-shaded art style with various “blacktop” modes and HORSE. It also will unlock the ability to edit historic team rosters offline as well as provide the opportunity to use the historic teams in online match-ups against others who have purchased the DLC.

As documented over the build-up from its early discovery to the announcement and now its release the DLC is being delivered under just about the worst possible circumstances. Beyond even the league lockout severely damaging interest in the product is that the content of the DLC has been received poorly, which began with the pricing and first screenshots that displayed the art style, and recently amplified with the gameplay videos that prompted stunningly widespread negative response. Still, its a significant offering considering the work that went into it, and one that could be justified in value for some consumers.

The full roster includes those new legends added specifically for the ‘Legends Showcase’ along with the other legends or current day stars (that may appear in their prime rather than based on last season) that will be available to use in the new modes.  Check out the full roster below: Continue reading NBA 2k12 Legends Showcase DLC Available Next Week, Complete Roster Reveal Inside

NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Arrives For The Xbox 360

The latest patch for NBA 2K12, that arrived last week for the PS3, has gone live today for the Xbox 360. This particular update was pushed out to address some of the more pressing issues with gameplay and online – and impressions of its impact from the PS3 side have been mixed. Encouragingly it hasn’t seemed to introduce any new issues to deal with at the very least.

Most are finding online games are connecting quicker but not much improvement to online performance and stability otherwise. The reduced 3pt shot percentages are a relief but users are still spamming steal attempts as the risk of a foul isn’t high enough to be a deterrent – while the AI does seem to handle defensive rotations better now. A more substantial patch for NBA 2K12 is expected to come late this month or early in December. Read below for full patch details: Continue reading NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Arrives For The Xbox 360

Madden 12: Roster Update #3

EA Sports has released full details on what to expect in the post-week one roster update for Madden NFL 12. There are over 500 moves made in this update including ratings changes, roster adjustments, injuries, and jersey number fixes. The update is expected out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on Friday morning.

The Chiefs and Panthers have lost impact players on their respective defenses for the season as Eric Berry and Jon Beason hit the IR. The biggest ratings boost goes to Bills’ TE Scott Chandler who moves up 10 points from his original 63 rating after his breakout performance. Cam Newton gets one of the more significant raises as mentioned earlier this week as he goes from 77 to 81. Patriots rookie lineman Nate Solder gets even more credit going from 77 to 82. After a dismal 39 yard performance Donovan McNabb drops from 82 to 79. Aaron Rodgers returns to the pinnacle reclaiming the 99 rating he reached at the closure of last season – and he takes the place of Troy Polamalu who has lost his 99 rating after a rough first week.

Teams that had the biggest net gain in number of players receiving increases over decreases are topped by the Packers (+11), Ravens (+8), Cowboys (+8) Redskins (+7), Patriots (+6), Bears (+6), and Bills (+6). The biggest losers are the Steelers (-6), Chiefs (-4), Colts (-2), and Vikings (-2). Continue on for all the specifics: Continue reading Madden 12: Roster Update #3

EA Sports Add A New Studio In Austin


EA Sports is expanding. The money-printing division of top video game publisher Electronic Arts, the one behind popular annually releasing franchises like Madden and Tiger Woods, revealed at a press conference last week that it is opening up a new studio in Austin, Tex. that will bring 300 new jobs into the company. State governor Rick Perry appeared with publisher executives at BioWare’s Austin office to announce the news. Continue reading EA Sports Add A New Studio In Austin

XBOX 360 Spring 2011 Update Coming May 19 (Adds Paypal)

On May 19, you will get that familiar prompt to update your Xbox 360, in the first of a 6 installment update that brings Paypal to XBL among other features. One feature included is the new attempt to thwart the pirates, the new XGD3 disc format support (offering bigger storage space & more security measures to prevent theft) that was recently tested in the Halo Reach/Dashboard Beta Program allowing you to test the new disc & dashboard. Continue reading XBOX 360 Spring 2011 Update Coming May 19 (Adds Paypal)