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ReCore | More Gameplay | More Robo StFun

Back again with some more ReCore for you.  This is turning out to be a rather enjoyable game, although I do get slightly frustrated with some of the platforming. In this video we are picking up where we left off from the last video. Finally we end up getting another Robot companion &  all colored ammo! Enjoy and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel while y’all are over there.

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ReCore | Gameplay | The Beginning

In this video, we are playing ReCore.  ReCore is another Xbox Exclusive that is enhanced by the Xbox One X (which we are playing it on). It is on Xbox Game Pass & is a very interesting game.

This is the very beginning of the game, so you get to learn it with me. After playing this game I highly recommend it to everyone, its not that expensive, has a neat story and premise. Overall I’m enjoying it very much. Make sure you hit that subscribe button on YouTube if you like it!

This footage was captured during our Mixer Gaming Stream that can be seen here. Please head over there and give us a follow for more gaming goodness.

State Of Decay 2 | Gameplay | Still Trying To Survive Zombieland

Here is some gameplay of State of Decay 2. In this video I run some co-op with friends, go material hunting, get some plague heart kills & more. This one is much more action packed.

If in any State Of Decay 2 video seems laggy or hesitant when playing Co-Op unfortunately its the SoD2 server. Hope you enjoy, hit that subscribe button on our YouTube!

This footage was captured from our Mixer Gaming Broadcast found here! Head over there and hit that follow button for more gaming goodness!