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New Next-Gen Trailer for FIFA 14


The latest trailer for the Xbox One and PS4 version of FIFA 14 was released earlier today and puts the spotlight on the environments, atmosphere, and gameplay enhancements. At this point more specific details on all the features, demonstrations of the improvements, and direct feed gameplay video should be on the way for FIFA with just three weeks until the PS4 arrives. There is a good deal of gameplay footage out there but all having been captured off-screen from conventions which is not ideal for consumers seeking to evaluate a product.



First NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Gameplay Footage & New Screen Shots

The first video featuring direct feed gameplay footage from next-gen NBA 2K14 comes from Gamespot on the heels of all the feature reveals today. While the reviewer expresses thoughts after playing briefly what is more valuable is that first look at the game in action. Graphics certainly look significantly better and the foot-planting evident but otherwise it looks a lot like the 2K basketball consumers have been drawn to in recent years and not as drastic a change some may have envisioned with the talk of a new engine. Also below the videos be sure to check out some of the new screen shots from the next gen NBA 2k14. Continue on to check out the videos and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

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First NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Feature News

At a press event held earlier today 2K Sports finally revealed details on what to expect from the next-gen version of NBA 2K14. There is only a little over three weeks until it arrives for the PS4 and under a month away from Xbox One. The biggest news is 2K14 will not be a current-gen port but instead was built specifically for the new hardware with a game engine called “EcoMotion”.

There are four areas of focus for next-gen NBA 2K14 in terms of modes: MyCareer, MyGM, MyTeam, and NBA Today. MyCareer and MyGM (formerly Association) are taking what appears to be dramatic departures from the traditional career and franchise mode. Online components were not touched upon today. 

MyCareer is going in more of a story mode direction – some elements have appeared in the LeBron Path to Greatness mode or other games like Fight Night Champion – while MyGM sounds closer to the ideas implemented in Madden’s Connected Franchise. There’s the managing of team chemistry, fan expectations and so on while also factoring in the various interactions with the owner, other GMs, and individual players along with facing job uncertainty.

Of course visuals are a big part of the advancement being made with the new systems – the level of detail was a significant part of the presentation from the player scans and their emotions to the surrounding environment –  and there will be far more detail available in crafting a MyPlayer. AI (coaches will adapt during games), physics, animations, and foot-planting were also discussed.

2K obviously put a great deal of resources into making NBA 2K14 a spectacular launch product and along with FIFA 14 they look to be way out ahead of the other two sports offerings. However a lot of what they talked about is technical in nature, and that was EA Sports’ strategy back at the previous console generation transition when they rebuilt titles completely and 2K ported theirs. EA stumbled mightily then and they never fully recovered from it. It was time for 2K to make that leap – and in doing so there will be some current-gen features that don’t make it in which EA suffered from as well then – but until it is all seen and experienced it would be wise to temper expectations somewhat despite how great a lot of it sounds.

Gamestop Offering Big Deal To Upgrade Games From Xbox 360 To Xbox One

Gamestop announced yesterday an exclusive trade-in program for select games that will release first on the Xbox 360 and later on the Xbox One. Consumers will receive a $50 credit when bringing in a current generation title to put towards its next-gen counterpart. 

Instead of $120 buying separately that makes it just $70 to play from day one on the 360 and continue to through the rest of the year with the One. The current-gen version could practically be considered a $10 rental that could stretch anywhere from a few weeks to over two months depending on the finalized console release dates and the game in question.

The deal applies to Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14 along with Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Notably absent from the promotion is NBA 2K14.

Both games must be bought from Gamestop in-store (taking in a current-gen copy purchased elsewhere won’t work), requires membership in the free PowerUp program, and the purchases have to be made within a month of their release for the first and then by the end of December for the second. Timing wise that works well whether the new console is acquired on launch day or as Christmas gift. One thing the terms of the deal does not specify is whether there is a limit of one coupon or if the $50 will be granted for each game no matter how many are purchased.

Deals such as this one could help push more to buy the current generation version instead of just waiting for next-gen which the results of the recent polls showed a strong percentage of people were planning to do. There will likely be more coming from Gamestop and other retailers with the PS3/PS4 involved and possibly something direct from EA Sports. The company has stated they’ll be announcing additional plans for making the console transition a more manageable experience later this month at Gamescom.

Many Leaning Towards Waiting for Next-Gen Versions of Games Releasing Twice

Last week polls were posted to gather some data on how consumers who plan to get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 at launch may be approaching the franchises releasing on 360/PS3 first and later One/PS4. Lets take a look at the results and what they may be suggesting with about three months until next-gen’s arrival. 

Madden NFL 25

Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 31%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 25%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 25%


Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 34%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 16%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 11%

NBA 2K14

Likely buy only One/PS4 version: 47%
Likely buy only 360/PS3 version: 15%
Likely buy both 360/PS3 and One/PS4 versions: 11% Continue reading Many Leaning Towards Waiting for Next-Gen Versions of Games Releasing Twice