TSG All-Time Power Rankings (Madden)

TSG Sports is ultra competitive in everything we do, nothing is more competitive than our Madden Leagues. The discord is constantly full of people telling each other they stink or they are better or their SB doesn’t count or they have an asterisk. Very few of the league members give each other props other than their own little clique. BoRaiders & I (Jesmonkey69/TheSimGamer) have decided every 5 years to evaluate all the talent in TSG and rank them accordingly.

2018 All-Time Power Rankings (Top 10)

For the 2nd ever All-Time Power Rankings, we decided to do a Top 10 instead of a Top 12. Some names on this list may surprise you, either they weren’t on the previous ballot, are new to the league or some people don’t feel are deserving. Like any good list let the debates begin!

10. S1ncerJonez
9. Takeoutheone
8. BancoPopulair7
7. Chubbzz0727
6. Capt Save A Ohh
5. Jesmonkey69/TheSimGamer
4. GBBack
3. ResistingFrame1
2. Cincy life (75points)
1. Chuunin Ninja (77 points)

2013 All-Time Power Rankings (Dirty Dozen)

For the 1st ever All-Time Power Rankings, BoRaiders & Jesmonkey69 (TheSimGamer) put together a ballot of the top 24 active TSG Madden members and have an anonymous group vote to make up the top 12 or “Dirty Dozen” of all time in the TSG Madden Community. Without further ado here are the nominees & the TSG Dirty Dozen:


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