TSG NCAA 12 Dynasty Owners


Dynasty 1 Owners

Qban: TCU      

Jesmonkey: Michigan

Jersey Rebel: Florida St

Hood: Nebraska

Pogi: Penn Sate

Mistborn: Miami

Murda: Ohio St

Korn: USC

Tonic: West Virginia

Sean: Wisconsin

Mr 463: Oregon

Real Law: Florida

Dynasty 2 Owners

Deathpool: Alabama

Lobo: Oklahoma

Xrated: Texas

Naj88: Stanford

Frame: LSU

Don figures: Notre Dame

Bold: Tennessee

RICKJAMZES: South Carolina

Capt Save A OHH: Missouri 

Rueger: Georgia

Dynasty 3 Owners

StateOfMind: Virginia Tech

DD Primetime: Boise St

Rio: NC State

AGxJr: Iowa

If You Would Like To Join The Online Dynasty, Please Sign Up In The Forums.



3 thoughts on “TSG NCAA 12 Dynasty Owners”

  1. hope everyone is happy with there teams,and ready to play some NCAA 12.There are only 6 spots left so if you know anyone that likes to play NCAA Football tell them to hurry up and sign up in the forums

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